Gardening in a small space

Do you love gardening? For health reasons, or maybe for mental health reasons? Or maybe you loathe it but find it necessary in today's economic climate. Whichever it is, you may be like me and have very limited gardening space. I remember my parents having what seemed to me as a child an enormous veggie garden, but these days many of us live in the city and suburbs on small blocks of land, covered mostly by what we live in. Meaning the house of course, in case you're asleep on your feet, hehehe
BUT, I've found a way to grow lots of potatoes in just four square feet of garden space. Or you could even do it on the balcony of an apartment too.

But why grow your own potatoes, when they're usually so cheap at the store? Well, if you believe everything you read, it appears that various levels of pesticides are routinely found in non-organic spuds. Check out this link at The Wedge, a natural foods co-op.

That aside, when you grow your own, they often taste better and you know exactly what has been used on them while growing.

The idea is to grow them upwards, instead of spread out, using a box system.

So, find out how it's done in Sinfonian's square foot garden. Scoot down through the article to where the pictures are, that's where the instructions are. Make sure you read some of the comments of people who have tried this, one suggests building up the sides with bricks, another says you can use straw instead of dirt.

Myself, I've used layers of straw and dirt when doing garden bed spuds in the past, which worked well. I'll be trying this out at our new house, which means hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

So, spuds anyone??


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