Home made tortillas, by hand or thermomix

Tortillas are one of those things I used to buy and keep in the cupboard until needed. That should have been warning enough, and after reading the ingredients list I can see why they keep so well.......they are barely a food at all. Well, slight exaggeration perhaps but here is what is in the ones I used to buy:

Wheat flour
Vegetable oil
Raising agents
Food acid
Flour treatment agent

And this is what is in the ones I made last night:


320grams plain flour
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon baking powder
180 grams/mls warm water

Much better for you surely, without all the extras in the list above.
And they taste sooooo good, they are well worth the little bit of fiddle it takes to roll them out.

Ok, here's how to:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, turn out and knead for 10 minutes.

Thermomixers: throw it all in the TM bowl, mix for 10 secs to combine, then knead for 3 minutes.

Rest the dough for 5 - 10 minutes.

Enlist a helper (not strictly necessary)


Divide dough into 12 pieces


Roll each piece flat into rounds, or any odd shape, as long as it's as thin as you can get it.


Fry in a hot frypan until the upper surface starts to pucker and puff a bit.

Flip over, cook briefly on other side.

You'll be able to tell when they're done by sight, and they should cook pretty fast.
If not, turn your pan up a wee bit.
I use a scanpan, which is non-stick, so I oil it up at the start and that's it.

Once cooked, I put a teatowel inside a large ziplock type bag and lay each tortilla as it is cooked onto the teatowel in a pile. I then seal the bag while the next one's cooking. This method keeps them soft and flexible.

Do try these, you won't regret it, the taste is fantastic, there is no throw-away plastic packaging, they're cheaper than store bought and my recurring theme, you know exactly what's in them.


  1. Yum, yum, yum... with all the tortillas we go through I'll definitely be trying this one. I tried the crackers that Ms Lottie made too and they were delish. The kids have told me not to buy rice crackers ever again!!

  2. Yep, these really are delish, hubby loooves them as do the kids and I. Gotta try out quilt lady's crackers, when I do I'll put a link up here so everyone can try them!

  3. I made these today and they were fantastic. Love the tip about keeping them flexible in the ziplock bag - worked a treat. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. You're welcome! Funnily enough, I made them tonight too, yummo.

  5. Yum!!! I made one batch from another blog and it was crap, then made another batch using this recipe and made such a difference! The dough was stretchy and light and just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing :)