Funky looking cloth wipes

I made up these wipes for my four year old to use after he's pooped. We had him using those pre-moistened toilet wipes, but dang, they are expensive and he always used 4 or 5 to get the job done right. Plain old toilet paper never seemed to cut it with him.


These are leftover flannelette scraps, turned and top stitched. As far as laundering them, they go in with the cloth nappies, so no extra laundry and he's now quite happy to wipe himself, and I of course, don't care how many wipes he uses.

Have you heard of family cloth ?

I'm not quite willing to go there completely yet, but these cute little numbers are doing their part in bringing our grocery bill down.
And my four year old is fresh as a daisy. Well, as fresh as a four year old boy can be, anyway!

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