Thermomix for a thriftier kitchen

Have you heard of thermomix? I made a brief reference to it in this post and you can check it out on my squidoo lens or just google it.


One of the benefits of having a thermomix is it is a time saving and money saving device. Now, I was given mine and I'm mighty glad I was as it is an expensive wee beastie.....nearly $2000 Australian.

But let me tell you a few benefits.
  • It saves me loads of time when I cook or bake. It has built in scales for weighing and a built in element for cooking, so everything happens in the one unit, thus saving on dish washing, too.
  • It cooks everything perfectly. Seriously, you CANNOT burn or otherwise wreck your cooking. Especially when cooking from the supplied recipe book.
  • It is supremely easy to use. I can cook dinner one-handed with a cranky baby on my hip. I don't burn pots on the stove by not paying attention, I don't have to chop, stir or puree and it has a built in timer, so switches itself off when finished.
Those are the time saving factors.

If you count time as money, then you're already saving. But it does have distinct money saving attributes too.

You can...
  • Make bread dough, very quickly. So buy your ingredients in bulk (cheaper) and make your own bread. Mmmmm, yummy!
  • Make sorbet in 3 minutes. Hot day, the kids want to go out for an icypole/popsicle/flavoured ice? Stay home (save petrol and money) and make your own, any flavour you like, and know what's in it.
  • Make your own sauces. Thermomix has failsafe recipes for bechamel, hollandaise and the like, so no more running to the store to buy the pre-packaged variety.
  • Make your own custards and mayos. Fresh when you need them, no more expired containers lurking in the depths of the fridge, and, you know what's in them. (Meaning no artificial colours, flavours, thickeners or preservatives).
  • Are you a juice drinker? Thermomix does that too, the healthy way. It completely pulverizes your fruits and veggies to an extremely smooth consistency, so you get the skin, the pulp, everything. No waste.

There are more things this wonder machine can do but you've probably heard about enough for now.

Want a demo?

Where to get one?

They are only available through tupperware style parties, you go to a demo and can order one from there. Very occasionally you see a current model on ebay, although they fetch nearly the same price as buying a new one. And you will sometimes see an older model thermomix on ebay. The older ones are cheaper, largely the same as the current model and parts are still available worldwide.

Ooh, I just found this budget busters section on the Thermomix Australia blog.

Bottom line, if you can get one of these, it's well worth it!

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