Need some cheap maternity wear?

Baby & Kids Market is running a Maternity gear market in Melbourne on 18th June at Hawthorn town hall. The market consists of preloved & wholesale maternity wear and pre & post natal care items, so this will be great place to have a rummage for any bits and pieces you need.

Maternity wear has some crazy prices new, and it generally doesn't get much more than a few months use, so most second hand items are in very good condition.

And, there are the usual Baby & Kids pre-loved goods markets on in some states this weekend, I'm heading out to the one in Melbourne on Sunday to see what I can dig up.

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I get a certain kick out of going to these markets, as you never know what you might find that you didn't know you needed, hehe!
It's a good place to trawl for Christmas and birthday gifts for the kids, while they're still young enough to not care that whatever it is is not in it's original packaging.

I've even picked up a few bits that I've re-sold on ebay, so as well as saving money by using the markets, you can also make money too, if you're fairly savvy.

Here's a piece on the markets by A Current Affair:

Have fun!


  1. Take your hand sanitiser and your face mask!! I hear Vic is all a bit oinky at the mo.

  2. Haha yes, good point! 1200 cases Aus wide and many of them here in Vic....