My thrifty exercise solution - twin baby jogger

I used to be a dedicated gym junkie, up at 5.40am 4 mornings a week. Well, since having the boys, that routine has gone south. Combine two excruciatingly early wakers with a hubby who could not drag his butt from bed in the morning if the house was on fire, and there was no way I was getting to the gym at that hour. And I never have the enthusiasm to get there in the evening. So, in an effort to get some exercise, I found this twin baby jogger on ebay, picked it up locally and wa lah, I am up and running. Well, metaphorically speaking, as I am NOT a runner. Although the kids get a kick out of me running them down a hill....little do they know I am barely in control.....

So, the gym being an expensive option, makes this my thrifty option :o)


And one other thing my sis told me, which works if you are REALLY pushed for time (and motivation) to exercise, is to walk on the spot when doing such mundane tasks as folding the washing, doing the dishes and washing your hair in the shower. Walk, or march, in place.....if you have a pedometer you can march you way to the recommended steps per day, which is I forget how many.

I have done this, though not when anyone is around, as it does make you feel just a little silly...

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