Do you Squidoo?

Have you discovered Squidoo? Squidoo is a publishing platform and community, within which you can write and publish 'lenses' (pages) about any topic that interests you. Once you get sucked in, there is information on any topic you may think to search for and it's so easy to spend hours there, hopping from lens to lens to lens.


What is the purpose of it? Well, information sharing of course and you can also earn money off your lenses. You can add ebay and amazon links and you can use your lenses to drive traffic to your own or an affiliates site. You can write as many as you like, so the earning potential is unlimited, supposedly.

I'm having fun creating pages, I've done two so far, and it's quite a challenge to make them good ones, as far as looks and content go. Wanna see? Topics close to my heart of course...

Understanding unilateral hearing loss


Thermomix - Now you're cooking!

If you're wondering what a thermomix is, it is explained on the above 'lens' or check this post on my other blog. It's only the BEST EVER KITCHEN GADGET around!

Anyway, hop on over to squidoo, sign up, share your interests, look me up and give my pages a rating. Be kind! :0)

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