Save money and green up in the bathroom

Here are a few ways to save a little money in your bathroom and decrease your chemical load at the same time.

These are the things I do, though I know there are more
, I just need to do a bit more research on the topic....
Face wash
  • Use honey, it works well, is cheap and chemical free.
  • Add oatmeal for a scrub.

Night time moisturizer
  • I use vitamin E oil squeezed out of capsules, it moisturizers well and has no icky chemical smell.
  • Use baking soda. Again, it's cheap and chemical free and works. I'd maybe not use it on a 40c day though :0)
  • Use baking soda for a relaxing soak, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Also a good soak for anyone who has the itchies.
  • Baking soda come up trumps here too. It is an abrasive, so is great for removing soap scum from the shower and bath. Rub it on with an old kitchen scrubber pad (not steelo though!) and rinse off.
  • Vinegar is another useful product, it can be used with baking soda or on it's own. Vinegar is great for cleaning glass, just use it as you would window cleaning fluid, it leaves it beautifully shiny. Also gives a lovely shine to the tap ware. Keep it in a spray bottle and use with a soft cloth on the mirrors, shower glass and taps.
  • Don't use it all the time, unless you are actually dirty as soap is very drying on the skin. If you use liquid soap at the sink, cut it with water. I use a mix about 70 soap/30 water, it still cleans grubby little fingers well and gives plenty of suds.

Cosmetics and moisturizers
  • If you have a favourite brand that you must have, shop for it on Oztion or Ebay. Often you can get 2 or 3 items for the retail store price of 1.

Every little bit helps when you're trying to save, for me, doing the above has cut right down on what I spend on cleaners and also cut the amount I spend on products for myself. Spending less when I grocery shop is great and the bonus is having less chemicals in my home. Can't go past that.



  1. The honey idea sounds interesting, have to try it seeing as I just paid $22 for a sensitive skin cleanser (and that was a supermarket one).

  2. Mirofibre cloths are great for windows and mirrors too, used only with water, nothing else required. But you gotta get a good one :)

  3. $22, ouch! Mind you, honey took a price hike here for a while due to the drought.