Buy your beloved moisturizer and cosmetics at a discount

Like most of us....ladies anyway.....I have a favourite brand of cosmetics and moisturizer. These products can be expensive when bought at department stores, and even more expensive when bought from a chemist.

Well, I have found that I can buy them muuuuch much cheaper on
ebay and Oztion.

Often they are sold in twos and threes, so you can make the most of postage. Just check that you're buying from a reputable seller and make a note of any expiry dates listed for the product you're buying.

I recommend this way of buying cosmetics and moisturizers to everyone I discuss the subject with, it really has saved me so much money.

Give it a try!

Now I'm sure you all know where to find ebay, so here's Oztion, an all Aussie equivalent.

OZtion Auctions - The Australian auction site

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