Check out your local toy library

These latest finds from our local toy library have kept my kiddies entertained for hours...


This one is a two piece wooden balance beam


And even the lil guy enjoys the mini trampoline, although at this age his idea of a jump is one foot off the ground at a time, hehe


The toy library costs us $60 a year, plus one duty morning every term.
I love it because it allows us to borrow large things, that I don't have to have hanging around forever. If it's taking over half the lounge, or half our minuscule backyard, I can put up with it for a while because I know its gotta go back eventually.

Inexpensive entertainment and a great way for the kids to wear themselves out, yay!

Check out what your local toy library has to offer.

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  1. Yup, best money I ever spent I reckon. Today we came back with a duplo castle (complete with dragon), a crocodile costume and a dolly in a pushchair. Lets just hope the 167 pieces of the duplo castle are all there next week!