Another Spotlight sale - end of season clearance

Spotlight is having yet another sale, you can check out their online catalogue here.

And have you heard of Spotlight's VIP club? It gives you extra discounts on a range of things within the store, over and above the sale price. You'll notice there are VIP catalogues showing at the above link, it's worth it to join up and membership doesn't cost anything. Just ask at the desk.

Gee, I wonder how much fabric I can accumulate before my husband starts asking me what on EARTH I plan to do with it all and reminds me shouldn't I be de-cluttering for our eventual planned move.

I'll have to get sewing...

Ok, maybe my stash is not actually all that big, after all, it still fits in two plastic tubs which sit under my desk.

Check out this stash from Heidi on Quilting Gallery, I love it!


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