Homemade chocolate spread........aka Nutella

Well the Nutella turned out pretty well, if not as thick as I remember the shop bought product being. If I make it again, I would probably reduce the amount of milk somewhat to make it a little thicker.

This recipe is actually from my thermomix book, but if you have a decent blender or food processor for grinding the hazelnuts, I'm sure it can be made the conventional way. I'll convert it to how I think it will best be made without a thermomix.

Hazelnut chocolate spread

90 grams of caster sugar
(can be reduced to 50 grams, I used 60 and that seemed plenty to me)

60 grams of hazelnuts

100 grams plain chocolate, in pieces

70 grams butter

100 mls milk
(Next time I'll try about 70 mls)

  • Pulverize the nuts till they are as finely ground as you can get them.
  • Place butter, sugar and milk in a pot. Heat gently while stirring, until butter melts.
  • Add chocolate. Stir until chocolate melts.
  • Add hazelnuts. Cook on a low heat for about 6 minutes, stirring until mixture is a smooth consistency.
  • Store in a jar in the fridge. Keeps for 14-21 days.

Tasty on toast, bread, gingerbread cookies or just on a spoon.
Those are the ways we've eaten it so far, the kids are loving it.

Just found another version of this I'd like to try, this recipe being specifically trialled by someone without a thermomix. I like the idea that the writer was able to mix it to a thick creamy texture, unlike mine which had to set in the fidge. Hmmmmm....

Maybe I'll make these with mine, Nutella Cheescake Brownies, at Alpineberry


because how good do they look??

And use that as an excuse to try another batch of nutella....shhh, don't tell!

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