Come a-scavenging with me

It's hard rubbish collection time in our local area lately, and as I go on my nightly walk/run....definitely not just a run....I have been passing intriguing looking piles of stuff. Junk. Rubbish. Detritus. Things other people no longer require.

Now I have never been a scavenger before, certainly not of hard rubbish on nature strips, but my new frugal mindset has me looking at it all a little differently.

What do they say? Reduce, reuse, recycle.

So my hubby was not surprised when I huffed home after my walk/run last week carrying two freezer baskets. I have a small deep freeze with only one basket and would dearly like one of two more to help me organise the space. They turned out to be rather too large however, so will be put to use storing my fabric stash, which is currently occupying two disintegrating 'sposie nappy boxes which hail from when I used 'sposies with my first bub.

This morning being a weekend, I did a round of our block with the kids in the double jogger and picked up a perfectly fine clothes drying rack. My plan is to keep this one in the garage and try to use it instead of the dryer when the weather is wet. A friend of mine has three racks and puts them out on her covered porch when it's raining. Covered in wet washing, obviously. Smart lady.

And for my container gardening efforts, two large polystyrene boxes from beside the back door of a sushi joint. I asked, they said yes. Actually they looked at me somewhat oddly and said "you want, you want?!" in a fairly incredulous tone. Understandably perhaps.

So the boxes have now been put to work growing spinach and cucumbers.


I thought perhaps I might need to cover them with bird netting to keep our feathered friends from scratching in it, but it turns out my biggest problem is keeping my 17 month old dirt lover from sinking his little hands into the lovely black soil and throwing handfuls of it around.

Now, if you feel like going out perusing the nature strips during hard rubbish collection week, keep in mind that in my area it's an offense to scavenge and you can actually be arrested for doing so. Though I have never heard of that happening and there are many, many people doing the rubbish rounds before the trucks come.

Just do think long and hard about what you find and IF you actually have a use for it. There is absolutely no point in cluttering up your house/yard/garage/garden with things you'll just be wanting to put out for the hard rubbish collection when it's your turn.

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