My baby tomatoes are getting there....



I plan this year to try and preserve my own tomatoes in an effort to get away from the canned variety, which by all accounts have BPA leaching into them from the can linings. At least, I cannot find any source that says cans sold in Australia do not have BPA in them, so I feel fairly safe assuming they do.

According to Food Standards Aus
, BPA is not a great concern, at least not in the supposed levels where it is most often found, but the fact that other countries are making moves to ban it is enough to make me wonder.

And, home grown tomatoes taste sooo great!

Tomatoes are very easy to grow, and can be done so in containers with great success.
Get some seedlings in now, either some you've grown from seed or baby plants that are often available at markets and farmers markets. Baby them through the (hopefully) last of the cold weather if you're in Victoria, keep them watered by doing so in the morning to avoid fungus and with any luck you'll have a beautiful crop.

I've not yet done any preserving though, so that will be another adventure...


  1. My little green thumbed blondie is also growing tomatoes - cherry ones. She is so excited - six little seedlings came up this week. And what did we use to sprout them in? An old cherry tomato container of course!! Ideal as they already have holes in them and a lid to use as a green house.

  2. What a great idea! I'm not much of a tom eater in the winter, so don't have any of those punnets handy, but if I buy any I will now hang onto them with this in mind.

  3. Looking good! And so much more advanced than my patch of dirt that I have been prepping as vegie patch for .... some time.