2010 already?!

Another year, in which I plan to be always completely organised with birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, day care, pre-school, overseas posting cut off dates, dinners, swim lessons, house keeping, baking, sewing..............................phew, did I leave anything out?

Can you guess what my New Year's resolution is? Yep, to work on my organisational skills.

My thought is, apart from keeping me sane, being supremely organised (well, as much as I can be) will save us money.

Hmmm, I have some work to do.

Here's a money saver - who needs toys when you have cardboard boxes?


  1. If only we could achieve the lofty heights of supreme organisation.....sigh.

  2. Organisation - what's that?! I agree about the boxes. The current obsession at the moment is a large flat pack box which is propped up against my sewing boxes, forming two walls of the Angel (?)Kids Club house.

  3. So far organisation is keeping me on my feet till at least 8.30pm, usually later.....hanging and folding washing, nappies, sourdough starters and kefir need feeding (those things are like pets, need daily care...what was I thinking?!), tidy the house from the day's activities, sort out kitchen from dinner, prod hubby into helping out with some of the above......but I will persevere! I need to make routines out of these things....and I will!

    Yep, boxes are great, Mr H was being a transformer....of course, what else would he be?!