Bright Star Kids - 40 free labels

My labels arrived today with only one set of free small labels.
Maybe I had the promo wrong?
I rang the company to check and it turns out to be a mistake and the 2nd set of free labels will be in the post asap.

As any parent knows, any item that goes to daycare, kinder or school needs to be named and the easiest way to do this is with stick on vinyl labels.

You could of course write on everything instead, which I did for a while when my youngest started daycare. Then I decided my time was more precious than that so I bit the bullet and bought some vinyl stick ons.

Well, both kids need more labels this year so I went looking for a good deal and found this one:

If your order is over $20, you automatically get 40 free tiny labels for every name that is in your order.

And free postage.


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