How to run a thrifty freezer

If you are looking at purchasing a deep freeze, you may be worried about the potential increase in your power bill.

I was lucky enough to be given a chest freezer for my birthday a couple of years ago by my in-laws. An odd gift you might think, but a real godsend for a thrifty mama. My in-laws know me well :)

We have not noticed any appreciable increase in our power bill but we don't actually track it down to the last cent as it is fairly low normally. Our cooking, heating and water are on gas so that helps keep the power bill down. The gas bill in winter, on the other hand, needs closer attention. Oh, the bliss of a long, hot shower during a cold Melbourne winter!

Anyway, you want to make your freezer run as efficiently as possible.
The way to do that is to keep it full.
If it's not full of food, fill up some large plastic bottles with water and store them in the freezer too. As well as helping it run efficiently, the giant iceblocks help keep things cold if there is a black out and your power is off for any length of time.
Three Ice Cubes in a Pile

Ice, ice baby...da da da da da daa, ice baby...

Ok, I'm oooolllldddd!.....and so are you if you now have this tune running through your head heheh...


  1. Thanks darling
    Now you know what I'll be singing all day!!!

  2. I've heard the same tip about the fridge- an empty fridge uses more electricity, as it has to cool all of that air, too.

    Not that having an empty fridge is ever really an issue in our home :)

  3. Ooh, didn't think about applying that to the fridge. Market day on Sunday and an upcoming birthday party will sort out it's current emptiness, it gets emptier as the week goes on usually.