A favour from the bloggy world, please?

I know a mum on the other side of the world to me, who's 3rd baby is due in August. 
She, Cadi, is a single mum with 2 boys and she's a second grade teacher to boot. 

Earlier this year, this mum's partner passed away, just three weeks after they found out they were expecting a baby.

I found Cadi through my sister, when she put a call out to the blogosphere for an Aussie to please send a 20c coin for her son's project on the platypus.

I happily obliged.

As a delightfully unexpected thank you, Cadi is knitting my two boys pilot hats,
and no, they won't be pink as per the above link!

You can find her blog and read her story here: MaeheGirl. 

The favour

Cadi has been nominated for the Richmondmom.com Dream Baby Shower
by her cousin. 

There are some lovely prizes to be won, massages and a photo session for a new bub among other things.

The winner is generated by votes and votes can come from anywhere in the world. 

Now, Cadi has not asked me to put this out here for all to see, but when I found out she had been nominated for the Dream Baby Shower I wanted to help out in some way.

Voting opens Saturday 5th June.

 She is listed under her legal name of Claudia Thomas

Scroll down the page at the above link to find the nominees, they are listed in alphabetical order under last name.

Thank you to everyone.

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