Another free cycle score

Say hello to our swing set, courtesy of a lovely family in our 'burb who no longer wanted it.

My boys are more than happy to give it some love!


  1. Whoo hoo! We gave our trampoline to some neighbouring kids when we moved to Melbourne two years ago (no way would it fit in our hanky-sized back yard here) and have heard a few days ago that it's still loved and in constant use.

    May your boys have many happy hours on their swings.

  2. If you lived closer - hint, hint - you could have had ours!! They'll love it.

  3. Ooh, a trampoline! We're thinking about covering up the rest of our useless front lawn with one, I have the option of buying one off a friend for cheap, brand just didn't fit in their yard! What chance would it have in ours then? No awning is the difference. Sending hubby out to do comprehensive measuring tomorrow, the tramp is a 12 foot wide one, yikes.

    Thanks Lou....yep, sending it over from Perth might have negated any frugal-ness involved!