Earn useful rewards for writing quick reviews

I stumbled across this site fairly recently but it appears to be a good one. An Australian product review site. A way to make a little extra money from home, through your pc.The way it works.......look up any product you have in your home, office, garage or anywhere else, find it on this site and write a review on it. Submit it, wait till it's approved, then points will be credited to your account. Or you could just browse through the product categories until you find things that you have that you can review. A review doesn't need to be very long, 50-99 words you get 5 points, if it's up to or over 100 words, you get 10 points. The outline for a review is already set, you just fill in the sections which are pros, cons and overall. It's really easy, and, you get 40 points just for signing up. Amongst the rewards are Coles group gift cards, in amounts of $20 and $50, so to my mind this is worth doing. You can also email an invite to your friends, have them sign up, and earn points through them. Plus, I find it kinda fun to give my opinions and see them up there on the screen, hehehe! You might too.

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