How to clean poop off your carpet - inexpensively

Well, the joys of being a parent are many, and one of those is the in depth knowledge of poop that you never thought you'd have or need.

As I was cleaning poop off the carpet'd think I'd have learned my lesson, but my one year old enjoys running round the house unfettered by these annoying things we call clothes....come to think of it, so does my almost four year old when I let him. Ha, but at least he won't poop on the carpet!

So, it occurred to me to share how I do it. It took a few tries of not getting it right before I happened on a formula that actually works. A gal (and mother) at my local chemist clued me in on this one and it does not involve a steam cleaner or spending gobs of money on over-priced, over perfumed cleaners.

You will need....
Hydrogen peroxide. I use the 3% solution, available at chemists

1/ Remove the solid waste
2/ Using a white cloth/rag, apply the peroxide
3/ Pat dry with another white cloth

A word of advice: test on a small area first.

Gee, it's amazing the wealth of knowledge us parents have about such a variety of topics, isn't it!

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