Run out of eggs? - a frugal kitchen tip

Just something while I think of it......

Have you ever started baking, then realised you have run out of eggs, and your recipe calls for at least a couple of them? Well I discovered, by being in this exact situation, that pureed fruit can actually be substituted for egg. I've done it a couple of times, once in muffins; I needed two eggs so instead put in about a two-egg-amount of pureed mixed fruits. And again recently in choc chip cookies; I was making a double batch and needed four eggs, whoops, should have checked first. I only had two, so put in an equal amount of pureed peaches. Can't tell the difference. Both mixtures held together well and there was no taste difference in the end result.

Keep this in mind if you're in the kitchen a lot, saves you having to do an emergency run to the store. It's saved me a few times!

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