WDYT - Points for viewing email advertisements

WDYT or whatdoyouthink.com.au is a points per view site. Once you sign up, you will start receiving emails that have a 'view' link in them.
The link will say "VIEW" - click here to be awarded 5 WDYT points'. When you click the link it will open a tab in your web browser with some sort of advertisement page. So just by doing that you will be awarded 5 points every time

Now, the points add up and can be exchanged for gift cards to major retailers Target, Kmart, Myer, and Bunnings Hardware, or you can use them to bid in on-site auctions. The site also has opinion polls which you can vote in - no points for these, and will send out invites to surveys from time to time, which are rewarded with points.

Your points don't expire, and this is truly the easiest program to be part of, every time you open your email you'll see if you have anything from WDYT. Click through, then stay around and read the page if it interests you, or don't.

Here it is, get clicking!

WhatDoYouThink.com.au - Turn Your Opinion Into Rewards!

This one is open to Australian residents only.

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