Are you a DIYer?

My sis put me onto this site, The Instructables, which has step-by-step how-to instructions for every imaginable activity.

From how to make cake pops

to how to fold the best paper airplane

to how to unblock your sink

how to restore old furniture without power tools

and how to make dung beetle truffles.

Cool, huh? That's just a few obviously, there are hundreds more. It's worth a trawl if you're looking for recipes, activities for the kids or a how-to tip for round the home.

I want to try making these lego shaped gummy candies


using this vegan recipe (no gelatin, gelatin being made of animal parts.....doesn't bother me overly when eating marshmallows though, so a little hypocritical of me)

So please have a look at this site, it is very useful, as well as supremely cool!

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