Make your own Babylegs and Huggalugs

Babylegs and Huggalugs, cute names, huh?

Well, what are they?
Only the cutest thing to put on your bub, especially your cute cloth nappied bub.

Baby leg-warmers.

Yeah, bring back the 80's I hear you cry! Um, right, no thanks.

Ok, they are definitely a non-essential, especially at their retail price, but they are the easiest thing to make yourself. And very cute!

I made my own with this tutorial from Everything your mama made and more,
took me about 10 minutes.
I put them on the bub when it's bare butt time, as it's winter so I don't really want him running round half nekkid. Or just when I want to show off a particularly funky modern cloth nappy. You can team them with a onesie or bodysuit, or put them with a dress to protect and warm little knees.

And my older one is inclined to put on shorts and a t-shirt when it's icy outside, so to my cries of "come on kid, it's freezing, put some real clothes on!" he will run to his younger brother's clothes drawer and come back adorned with zebra stripe legs below his shorts and and polka dotted arms.

In lieu of real clothes, obviously. Smart boy.

This is my bub when he was a bit younger, sporting the polka dot pair. I'll see if I can do better tomorrow and snap my four year old dressed up to the nines.


Maybe I'll make a pair for me next, have a look at the instructions and pictures on Little Birdie Secrets, those hot pink ones look very cosy....!

Ok, here's my veeerrrry reluctant 4 year old model,

And his baby brother, moving too fast for me to get his head in focus, so I cut it off, haha

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