What to do with all those old crayons

If you have kids, chances are you have a box of stubby, broken crayon ends somewhere in the house.

Well, drag them out and get busy melting them into something new.
A fun activity for the kids, and if you can dig up some silicone type molds, the end result will be some funky looking new crayons in a whatever shape you....I mean the kids.....desire.

A nice how-to on that can be found at Crafting A Green World.

Or you could make layered ones like these....


Find out how these were made on ChicAndJo, a little bit more fiddly than the first ones, but a great looking result.

Either of these would make a great thrifty Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for a young child.
I need to start collecting our crayon ends, instead of letting my 15 month old eat them.

Yes, bad mummy, apparently crayons have petroleum in them so no more blue teeth for him....

My sis just tried these and informed me that her colours separated. Or rather, the colour separated from the wax, leaving the top of the crayon (or was it the bottom?) white and the the other half very intensely coloured.

Mmmm, I wonder why?


  1. Oh my lord, I have a huge box of broken crayons. Do you remember grating them up to add to white wax to make candles?

  2. Yes! And putting ice in the warm wax to get a lacy effect.