$2 Tim tams - again!

$2 tim tams at Coles this week

Now, if I had any kind of self control when it comes to sweet stuff, I'd buy a swag of these and stash them in the freezer. But I don't. I may fool myself into thinking I do sometimes, but really, I don't. That once again became really obvious when I realised I had to make more caramel for topping my cupcakes, when what was leftover after making the cupcakes should have plenty. But it wasn't. Because in the end, there wasn't ANY leftover.

What to do with tim tams? Apart from eat them of course...

Tim tam cupcakes

Tim tam truffles - these would make a very cute gift

Tim tam thickshake - calories in a glass, anyone?

This version of a tim tam cheesecake

Or you could just do the tim tam slam

IF I had self control, I would buy these with the idea of making tim tam truffles closer to Christmas.
A cute, inexpensive, handmade gift idea.....the best sort.

Hmmm, maybe I'll have to put my self control to the test again....

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