Cheap and effective waterproof sheet protector

When my four year old first went into his big boy bed, along with some new sheets, I also purchased a waterproof mattress protector.

After the mattress protector had been laundered a few times due to some not-so-dry nights, the soft plastic backing developed a hole. I only noticed this after some investigation, when a wet spot appeared on the mattress.

$40 down the drain.

Now what I have discovered since I started cloth nappies/diapers, is that a length of PUL (PolyUrethane Laminate
) makes a fabulous mattress or sheet protector.

PUL is the waterproof fabric that makes modern cloth nappies so wonderful, and it is available from most websites that sell nappy making fabric and equipment.

It's typically available in metre long lengths and is 150cm wide. So one metre is perfect for a regular single bed, I lay it on the mattress and it covers from just under the pillow, to both sides of the mattress and way past where my 4 year old's feet go.
You could even sew elastic tabs on the corners, but I find it stays in place without these.

It can even be placed over the bottom sheet, turned the other way and tucked in on both sides. It's soft to sleep on, breathable, thin and comfy.

And I just found that are having a sale and you can buy 2 metres of pul for $17.60.

That's 2 waterproof sheets for less than half the price of the one I bought at Spotlight that no longer works.

Here's some PUL in action.....


and the other great thing about PUL is you can now have waterproof sheets and protectors in a range of funky colours. Too cool!

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