Homemade bagels - by thermomix or hand

Ever made your own bagels? Bagels are not that big here in Australia, at least not round my area anyway. You can get them here and there but if you want them, what better way to have them fresh than to make 'em yourself?

Here's how...

Homemade whole wheat bagels.

Now of course I couldn't just follow the recipe to the letter, so I used spelt flour instead of wheat and I used my thermomix to do the hard work for me. And the spelt flour was white, as that's all I had to hand.

If you have a TM and want to mix these bagels in it, just measure everything in as per the recipe, mix on about 6 until it holds together (about 10-15 secs), then knead for 3 minutes.

Now, the only slightly awkward part of this process was the instruction to shape them to 'resemble a bagel'...


But they turned out very well, slightly wonky shapes not-withstanding, with that chewy and dense texture bagels are known for. Although I think I could have baked them for slightly longer than the 15 minutes set out in the recipe, maybe 20 would do it, just to give them a little more colour on the outside.


Yum, I'll make these again, now I need to find if they freeze well. They were so easy to make and cook, they'd be easy to make in bulk for use later.

I'll let you know what I find out...


  1. Mmmmm, yummy - and hey, they get all mushed in your stomach anyway so who cares what they look like?! (Actually they look pretty good!)

  2. Yum! They look great! When we were living in Melbourne I would go out of my way every morning to get a blueberry bagel and a coffee for breakfast. I might have to get one of these thermo-thingys... i've got no chance of ever finding a blueberry bagel in downtown ipswich. PS. The commercial ones I've had don't freeze that well but I'd love you to prove this wrong with your homemade beauties.

  3. Yum - we love bagels. We've made them before too. We use the recipe out the Alison Holst Bread Book - a book which is looking very "used" as we use it often for all our pizza dough, flat bread, and of course, bagels.