Smarties and two year olds...

I'm sitting here eating leftover smarties as if my life depended on it. They are leftover from decorating cupcakes from my 2 year old's birthday yesterday, and aforementioned 2 year old has just finished exhibiting major 2-year-oldness after waking while being fast asleep for the evening. 

The 2-year-oldness included wailing loudly to get "UP!!!", throwing his dummy (pacifier) across the room then wailing for it to come back, and beating mummy across the head while she was lying down with the 2 year old, trying to get 2 year old back to sleep. 
Well, perhaps beating is slightly too strong a word, but needless to say, his actions made me want to stand there and yell WTF!!!, you WERE faaaaast asleep (after having no nap today I might add) and maybe a few more expletives as well. 

Instead I had a quiet word with God and and my mum in heaven to give me strength.

And 2 year old went back to sleep. 

And I'm sitting here scoffing smarties to regain my equilibrium.

And my hips are gaining pounds.

But they are cute when they're asleep, aren't they? :) 


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  2. Laughing out loud at this post!! My little girl turned 2 yesterday and I had plenty of WTF!!! moments too. Hope you're having a better day today. : )

  3. Well today was busy and I had 2 tired little men due to last nights shenanigans. And now they've been up to 11.30pm as they came with me to a nanny gig tonight, so tomorrow will be interesting...