Is that grass on your scalp?

Have you ever made a grass-head? 

The boys and I put together these little guys after Mr nearly-5 saw them on a tv show.

Aren't they cute??

This is a good activity to do with pre-schoolers and takes very little in the way of materials.

You need a pair of old pantyhose/stockings, some filling for the head (we used cotton wool balls that I unearthed from a cupboard) rubber bands and grass seed. Or wheat grains, which is what we used. Or you could maybe even use brown rice. I did presoak the wheat though for 24 hours, as I was not sure how it would sprout, and I would probably do the same with rice.

Cut a piece of stocking, not the toe part as it's a double thickness and we found our sprouts had trouble pushing their way through it.

Then, put in your grass seeds, followed by your filling. Tie it off just below your filling to make the head.

For the ears and nose, pinch some of the filling so it sticks out a bit and wrap a rubber band around it.

Stick on eyes (not strictly necessary)

Set it in a jar and water it. Place it in a light filled area and water regularly.

Watch it grow.

Ta dah!

The eyes went south when my 'lil fella picked up his head and swung it round by the stocking part that's hanging down.

I think my eyes would pop out too if someone swung me round like that.

And Mr nearly-5 decided if 'lil bro's was eyeless, so was his.

So, blind and hairy.

But fun!

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  1. Too cute! Might have to do that with the wee ones.