Vegetable net sponges - useful trash

I was about to throw out the netting from round a large bag of oranges today when I suddenly thought back to this post over at Penniless Parenting.

The idea is to use something you already have to make something you need, rather than going out and buying something completely new.
In this case it was making a scrubbing sponge out of the netting from fruit and vegetable bags.

Because I shop at the farmer's market, most fruits and veggies are loose, ready to be bagged up in your own bags. Hope you remembered to bring 'em, 'cos they do not come supplied (usually).

Except for the oranges.
And they are GOOD oranges so I don't mind.

Especially now that I have a use for the netting.
I straightened it out, then tied it in a knot, then in a knot again.

Viola, a new kitchen scrubber!
It's now sitting in the cupboard awaiting the demise of my current one.

Now the kids are in bed and it's time to play!


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  6. I use the red ones to make Christmas ornaments. I, too, hate to waste or throw out anything, especially anything pretty.A creative person can use almost anything to make something useful from it.