Please 'scuse my hiatus

Wow, it's been nearly a month since I posted on here, what has been happening?

Well, we spent two weeks house sitting a mansion over the school holidays, but it had an extremely crappy internet connection, so no blogging there. 

We all had a great time though, it was actually the perfect way to take a holiday, which was completely unexpected.

We had every modern convenience ('cept the net) at our fingertips, a kitchen that Nigella or Donna would have been envious of and everything indoor and outdoor for the kids including immense amounts of space. 

And only 20 minutes from home. 

There was a pool....

And a fabulously equipped playroom

And, two lovely canines.

Then it was straight back into pre-school, swimming lessons, gymnastics and tossing up whether or not to keep the boys in one day of day care. Which we've kept up for my sanity; we have no family nearby available to give any relief and these boys are FULL ON.

But, we've let the daycare go. 
It was a combo of the boys seeming to not really like it anymore, and a few issues I was having with the staffing and policies.

So we will save money there and it frees my oldest up to do swimming or gymnastic intensive 'camps' during the school holidays, which I'm sure he'd love.
Overall, that's cheaper than having both boys in daycare one day every week of the year.

How much we'll ultimately pay out in psychiatric care for myself has yet to be determined.......

The other reason I haven't blogged my green and thriftyness for a bit is because I've been feeling a little bit like a hypocrite....

I know at this mansion, the tendency is to use the that's what I did too.

I kept a lot of lights on at night, especially when hubby was out because the place is sooo huge it would freak me out just a little, so keeping lights on all over helped with this.

I bought bread instead of making it.

I nearly resorted to using disposable nappies, which would have been just silly seeing as I had a washer, dryer, washing line and huge indoor drying rack suspended from 16 ft laundry ceiling. So I kept with cloth.

But you get my drift.

Overall the owners run the place in a fairly green fashion for what it is, but still, I realise how much the convenience factor can pull you in.......

However, it's onward and upward from here; happy to be back!


  1. You wicked hypocrite you ;) I've been struggling with how to convert my children off convinience breakfast cereals (no, not froot loops, just mini weetbix and ricies). These seem to have crept into our lives and I'm not sure how to tackle them...they are much loved by the littlies. But your attitude inspires me - onward and upward it is!!

  2. Mine love porridge made with soaked oats, so that is usually what they have. But they do looove rice bubbles....I tell them I only buy them once in a blue moon, which was the way it was before anyway, so when a box runs out, it's not replaced for quite a while. If I have them in the house, they want to eat them. There was the odd tantrum and sulky face but I got through it. Good luck.....!

  3. Hi! I'm your latest follower (and you haven't even done a FF post yet!) I've seen you around the comments on some of my favorite blogs and figured it's high time I come visit you. I hope you'll be posting more often. I loved that upside-down pool picture. So cute!

    I don't think you're a hypocrite- sometimes you need a few weeks of luxury to really realize where/how you are being frugal and green! Everyone needs a vacation sometime :)

  4. Hi Debbie, thanks for the compliments! I'm gonna come and visit!