More toy library love

I LOVE our toy library!

Check out our latest finds:

Some heavy machinery 

Stepping stones

And this funky looking red....thing

And that's just the outside toys!

Toy library for us is $60 for one kid for a year, and only an extra $10 for a 2nd kid. 

So to be able to borrow 8 toys every week if I wish (usually we go every 2nd week) it costs our family $70 a year.

Well worth it in my opinion, as at the end of 2 weeks (and often earlier) the kids are 'over' whatever it was that was the 'Best thing ever, mum!' and I am so glad it can go back and not sit around in our cupboards or garage forever.

Do you have a toy library available to your kids?


  1. I'm with you. Why create clutter when you don't have to. We are a member of Playgroup Australia, $28 per year in Qld but you can only borrow 2 things per month.

  2. Amazing! I WISH we had a toy library!

    Thanks for the blogroll love, I've added you to mine, too!