To infinity, and beyond! or, The Great things about cardboard

My 5 year old is an inventive type kid.

I struggle to keep up with his "Mum, lets make a....." and "Mum, I want to be a ....." and "Mum, how can I....." and "Mum, lets do....." and so on and so forth.

His ideas are waaaay ahead of his (and my) abilities usually, although my hubby often manages to come up with the goods, or at least a good approximation of them.

So perhaps I should say hubby and myself are inventive types. 

So, presenting, Buzz Lightyear: 

Cardboard boxes to the rescue again.

(Although his wings will not actually fly through the air, which was what he wanted....every small boy's wish of course, but he was temporarily distracted from that fact by his wings being an exact replica of Buzz's. They have now been painted to that effect. 
What started off this latest "Must fly!" obsession was watching a documentary on Rocket Man, who has since flown across the English Channel on his jet wings. Refer to the above ideas/abilities comment...) 

The wings even come in size 2... 

The cardboard was from some old packing boxes hubby had folded down and stashed in the garage, knowing that at some time, we'd wish we had some large sheets of sturdy cardboard.

The wings are held on by being threaded through the straps of a backpack, before the backpack goes on the back.

Don't forget the value of cardboard when it comes to kids, it's good for many things.

Even if you can't attach jet engines to it and fly it across actual, physical bodies of water... 



  1. Those wings are fabulous and the backpack idea was, too!

  2. I tried commenting earlier and it didn't work. Take two! That is really cool. We've got some cardboard lying around for when we move in the summer, and I'll be sure to save it afterwards! Those wings are genius.

  3. Love it! Love the backpack strap idea!