Uh oh, there goes my garden....

We had a storm today, quite a storm in fact.

A roads-around-the-city-have-been-closed-because-they-are-deeeeep-in-water kind of storm.
A hail-was-so-big-it-smashed-windscreens-and-left-blooded-pockmarks-on-people kind of storm.
The sort of storm where you stay away from windows.

We were fairly unscathed, apart from wet carpet where a sliding door was left open. I was round at a friends place with the kids and DID entertain the thought of ringing hubby to ask him to shut that door.
Apparently I should have.

But do you remember the tomato crop ripening in the back yard I bragged about yesterday?

Well, here it is today...

(those are golf balls in the foreground, not hailstones :))

And my spinach?

Oh well, at least the ground is now nice and damp for a new lot of planting.

And, I've discovered it's magpies digging through my planter box. Not sure if they're digging out the seeds or snaffling the seedlings but hopefully moving the box to a different location might make a difference to their thievery.

Oh the joys of gardening! I do love it, even with wacky random events like this.

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