How to make a snow cake

If you're after a quick, cheap but entertaining activity, this one's for you.

My little fellas and I tried this out one morning after reading a kid's book entitled The Lemon Sisters.

Straight after breakfast, actually, as can be evidenced by the stack of bowls in the sink and the washcloths lined up in front of the sink. If I'd got the 'lil fella in a picture you'd see him in his footy pjs and if I got me in a photo, you'd see me in all my morning glory. So be thankful I didn't.

I think the author actually called it lemon ice, but somewhere in the book they talked about a snow cake and that's what stuck in our heads, so snow cake it was.

Now, in our hemisphere there actually IS snow around at the moment, though not close to where we live.
If you had real, clean snow you could certainly use it or you could do as we did and crush some ice instead.

If you happen to be living in the OTHER hemisphere though, this is a great little cool treat for a hot day.
Just sayin', ya know, in case anyone's HOT over there.


First up, gather some snow, or, crush some ice in a high powered blender.
Or in your thermomix, as I did.

Scoop some snow into a bowl and squeeze over some lemon juice.

Now sprinkle over some sugar.
Using white sugar obviously keeps it all white, but you could use brown sugar or rapadura instead.

Layer more juice and sugar and snow, as many layers as you like.
Scoop into bowls and enjoy.

Now chase the 'lil fella round the house to get him out of his thoroughly sticky, damp, lemony pjs and wipe down all kitchen surfaces that have lemon juice, sugar and melted snow drips on them.

Mmm mmm, ' twas tasty though...

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  1. Sounds yummy - we do a lot of slushies in the summer, so we'll definitely try this!