Sometimes, the simple things are best

It doesn't take much to amuse this one sometimes,

a box of someone else's pencils and pens...
(we've been house sitting The Mansion again)

a big sheet of paper, a pair of scissors and the sticky-tape.

Though from now on, scissors under supervision only, due to casualties suffered..

my sewing projectS
library books
his clothes
his brother's trap-making venture

He really is quite talented with the scissors, for 2 1/4 year old!


  1. Oh dear! At least scissor co-ordination is not something his kindy teachers will need to work on. My middle one, at that age (and older - I might add), experimented with the scissors on her hair, much to mine, and her hairdresser aunt's disgust/amusement!

  2. Ha, you see, when your hair is only 1 inch long, it does occur to you that you may be able to cut it!

  3. Hmm, have been keeping scissors away from mine. Also 2 and a quarter (as you know), just think she'd go crazy on something other than paper/playdough. Maybe I don't give her enough credit though. You've got me thinking, as usual! Thanks.

  4. When i was a kid there was nothing better than a fresh pad of paper and a box full of markers!

  5. Cuggles....mine likes to cut anything...playdough-yes, the wrapper his cheese came in, strips off the daily newspaper (not mine, I'm too cheap, but they kept the papers coming while we were house-sitting!) He's dangerous, lol

    Michelle....markers, paper AND scissors and I have a happy little camper.