One for your little Spiderman fan

This is another quick way to impress your five year old. Actually, it wasn't all that quick, but not too time consuming overall.

 And it looks so cool!

It's a spiderweb, in case you can't tell.
 It's not perfectly formed but when your 2 and 5 year olds are helping you out at every step along the way, you've just gotta go with the flow and give up that hope for perfection.

Here's what you do:

Cover a bowl in tinfoil.
(I blu-tacked the foil in place)

Lightly grease the foil.
(I used olive oil and a pastry brush)

Lay out string or wool in the shape you desire, on top of the foil.

Get your hot glue gun into action and cover the strands of string in hot glue.
Go over it at least a couple of times.

Remove creation from bowl.

Ta dah!

(I cannot claim this idea as my own, we came across it somewhere on the web while searching for other Spiderman related things.)

I'm on a glue gun kick now, must see what other projects I can apply it to...


  1. Cool!! I've just got to come up with a design for a Star Wars castle/temple cake with droids (Lego of course!) on top and clones climbing up the sides! He doesn't want anything easy for his birthday does Mr Soon-to-be 7.

  2. I don't need any spider webs(at this moment, maybe later)but your spiderweb idea just gave me a light bulb moment.I have been thinking about purchasing several of those wire mesh hanging baskets for my plants next year, but now you have given me an idea to make my own. I will play with it awhile and see what I can come up with.Those baskets are expensive to buy.Thanks!

  3. Lou, can't wait to see that cake, good luck with it!

    Sawn...that really IS a lightbulb moment! What a really good idea! A few goes over with the glue to make it stronger and I think you'll be in business.

  4. awesome!!!! My daughter would just LOVE it!!!
    I think we would craft little spiders to go on it!
    xo maureen
    (a co glue gun enthusiast!)