Everyone outside! Introducing, The Swinging Thing

I've been struggling this week. 
Last week, and the one before that, it seemed like I was on a natural high, nothing got me down.

This week, I'm doing it all with gritted teeth.

The boys are picking at each other every given opportunity, the weather is cold, windy and grey, we're in a small house and, and, and.......I'm just on edge and crabby.

Yesterday, I walked the boys up to pre-school and dropped off my 5 year old. 
Then I had to run back to one store to retrieve my wallet I thought I had left there.
 It wasn't there, which lead me to unpack the double jogger of blankets, wheat bags, snack for 2 year old and a few groceries.
 My wallet was underneath it all. Of course.

20 minutes later we were ready to trek back home and I had to race back to where I had unpacked the jogger earlier to retrieve one of the kids blankets I had left on a shelf in the store. Right.

Today we went off to swimming lessons only to realise while in the pool and still about 20 minutes from lesson time, that lessons are actually on TOMORROW.
The same day of the week that the lesson was on LAST week. And the week before that. Duh.

And yesterday afternoon my 5 year old developed a peculiar eye-rolling tic, which appears to be involuntary and is just a tad worrying. Off to the Dr and chiro for him tomorrow.

Sooooo, getting the boys outside is a hugely important part of my day, even more so this week, for the sanity of all, to get us some sun (hopefully), blow out the cobwebs, burn off some energy and get my head on straight again.

Enter, The Swinging Thing.

Take some old pantyhose or stockings and cut one leg off at the knee.

Ball up some newspaper and shove it down into the toe.

Tie a knot in the stocking just above the newspaper.

Wa lah. You have made a Swinging Thing.

See it?

There it goes!

Now see how long it takes them to throw it on a roof.

But seriously, these are cheap to make and great fun.
 Perfect for open spaces and if you play a game of see-how-far-away-mum-can-throw-it, you'll keep then entertained for hours.

Certainly long enough to blow away my cobwebs. Phew, what a week!


  1. Cool! Hope your week gets better - as of RIGHT NOW, because I do believe it's your birthday! Mwah! A big birthday hug and kiss from all of us. And I dearly hope that you are spending the time, in between throwing The Swinging Thing, eating cake.

  2. Isn't it strange how the simplest of things will entertain some kids.No cost involved. Then others have to have all the latest gadgets, and still aren't satisfied.There has got to be a book somewhere on how to achieve the perfect balance in raising children.

  3. Thanks Lottie, yep, birthday it was! And cake did happen, I have a photo of it that I'll put up, hubby and boys worked hard on it, very cute.

    Sawn, I love that I can entertain my kids in this way, long may it last.