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It seems here in Australia we get rorted sometimes in regards to pricing.

Take books for example.
If I ever buy new books, which I sometimes do for gifts, I wait until I get an internet coupon through my email for Borders online store. Usually I can find a coupon for 25 - 30% off and that includes free shipping.

So, I was buying a few books two nights ago with specific recipients in mind. The deal was 30% off and free shipping of course.

I was after a particular book: The last great adventure of Sir Peter Blake.

Borders have this book for $71.95 Aus. Ouch. Even with 30% off. Ouch.

Amazon US have the same book for $35.83 Aus, plus shipping of $11.19, making a total of $47.02 Aus. sourced the same book for me for $32.49 Aus, plus shipping of $4.45, making a grand total of $36.94 Aus,  from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD.

Booko also found this book in five other locations around the world, all being cheaper than buying from Amazon.

And the top two most expensive places to buy this book? The two biggest book store chains in Australia.

What Booko does, is go out to the internet and look up book and dvd prices, it works out the shipping, and then gives it all to me in Australian dollars.

Wow, so easy!

Now, why on earth do we here in Australia get charged such extraordinary prices for books? Granted, we are a little further away from the rest of the world, but I don't think that accounts for all the price difference.

So really, I have no idea.

However, I do know how I will source any new books I desire from now on.

Check it out.


  1. Another good one - with free delivery all over the world - is, we've had some really good deals from them and delivery only takes a week usually.

  2. Hey Lou, the one I did order from o'seas, Booko sourced from as being the cheapest. So you're spot on with that one!