I knew I was saving toilet rolls for something.

In an attempt to do something vaguely educational, yet non-costly, I adopted an idea I'd seen on Journey Into Unschooling. I can't find the exact post on their blog, but they do some very cool home-school things over there, it's well worth checking out.

What small boy can resist ninjas?

First, if you know nothing about ninjas, it would be worth your time to do a little rudimentary research on the net.

Then break out the toilet rolls, and the paints, and get to it:

We learned that real ninjas are unlikely to have dressed in black.
Most would have worn regular civilian clothing (we learned what a civilian is too, hehe)

We gave them shurikens, throwing stars, a tessen, spikes, a katana and someone even has a grappling hook.

We learned that what Daddy knows about ninjas comes from popular movie culture, and that we now know more than Daddy about REAL ninjas.

Meet Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo, Snowy, Blueboy, Leonardo, Squinty, Bob, William, Ninja Man and Green Guy. Very inventive, huh??

All in all, a satisfying morning spent learning about ninjadom.


  1. Quite a handsome bunch of ninjas :) I'm partial to Squinty.

    What a cute project!

  2. If you think we could come up with a few Transformer characters from the rolls,I'll start saving mine today. That would hold my 5 yr. old forever.He loooovvves Transformers.

  3. Yep, Squinty is a handsome little guy all right :)

    Sawn, my 5 yr old is also a transformer nut, I'll have to get my brain into gear and think of some transformer related craft.