School holiday busy-ness

School holidays are upon us again, which means no pre-school, no swimming lessons and no gymnastics class (which Mr 5 has given up for the next term anyway).

So, what to do?

On day one I broke out some of our crafty supplies so the kids could get jiggy with our new hot glue gun, the old one having cacked itself the weekend before the holidays were due to start, giving me a minor panic attack. 

Ha, just kidding really, though hubby did wonder HOW ON EARTH we managed to break a glue gun, apparently they are too simple to break? This one went with a pop and a wee puff of smoke and set off the safety switch on the electrical switchboard for good measure.

But all that aside, need some frugal craftiness? Buy yourself a hot glue gun, you won't regret it. They're good for everything. Even gluing Batman's leg back on AND Spiderman's head back on.

 Don't ask.

So we set up on the floor. The glue gun always seems in danger of falling off the table, which makes the floor the safest option.

This lot came from a car boot sale, I think it was a craft store closing down, from memory. 
I picked up a few good bags of craft supplies there.

And these guys were part of a Geo-mag set....magnet sticks and balls.....that I picked up at a market. The balls and sticks got added to, then divided in half and gifted in small drawstring pouches to two small boys. These I didn't include in the gift because I couldn't quite see the point of them, they don't have magnets in them, they just seemed like extra....padding. But I did keep them. 
Obviously, right?

So the kids got creative and we took their new creations out to experience the world...

They tested their wings...

Played hide and seek....

And investigated the letter box.

Kept them entertained for a couple of hours at least, and with only one small blister on a thumb from the hot glue. I would have said it's not quite hot enough to burn, but I think Mr 2 1/2 actually glued right onto his thumb, so probably got the hot metal tip on him. Bad mummy, I should have been watching just a tad closer. 

But we're all still alive and smiling, hopefully I can still say that at the end of school holidays....!


  1. With so many kids having ADD or ADHD or whatever they are labeling those types of problems nowadays,it is a challenge for mothers or child care people to find enough to keep kids busy and satisfied.I have two grandchildren, and it keeps me hopping to fill their day when they are with me. Their craft projects are endless in my home, but they only want to work at any given project for ten minutes tops. It takes a lot of planning to keep them occupied for the whole day.The younger child will take a good nap with a little persuading,and give me a wee break, but for the older child, a nap is plum out of the question.I think I will check out for some advice.


  2. Looks like they had fun! And wee one learnt about hot, which is good for him.

    One day, make up some pizza dough and they can roll out mini bases and add their own toppings and eat them for lunch. My littlies love it.

  3. Sawn, I like that site, bookmarked it for further perusal, thanks.

    Hey Lottie, good idea on the pizza thing, we tried the dinosaur teeth too, still a work in progress that one.