Plastic bag kite - super thrifty (and easy)

Do your kids ever want to take their kite out when it's not windy?

Well, read on to find an easy solution.

I found this somewhere out there in bloggyland, but cannot for the life of me remember where I saw it. But I thought it was so inspired, I stashed it in my memory (or what passes for one these days, ha)


Now, maybe my kids are just gullible, but they've really enjoyed this activity both times we've done it.

Do I need to explain it?

Ok, you take a plastic grocery bag (I just need to say I do use cloth bags, but I still end up with the odd plastic bag kicking round), take a longish piece of wool or string, tie it round the handles....tying them together in the process......, leave the long end for a kite string, and there ya go.

Now run!

Instant boofy kite.

You now have an instant wearing-out-kid activity made up in about two minutes.

Or maybe one minute if you actually have a plastic bag handy and don't have to go searching in the deepest recesses of your kitchen for one.

Picture quality disclaimer: I am once again house-sitting the mansion, except this time the mansion still has it's three kids in it, plus my two. So I'm actually, house/kid/dog sitting really. Anyway, because of this I'm on the laptop, and I'm never quite sure how my photo editing is on this, it all depends at what angle the screen is, which is very helpful, not.

We're having a great time though, but buying and cooking for five kids, three of them who eat like adults, is an eye opening experience!


  1. We had a wonderful windy day yesterday and the plastic bag kites were a hit. Used to use them but had completely forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Replies
    1. Well, not really on it's own, it puffs up with air and follows along behind. A bit like a parachute being towed along behind a boat.