Thermomix for a big family?

Have I mentioned my Thermomix love before?

Um , yep, here, here and here, oh and here too.
And a few other places too, on both blogs, if you're reeeaaallly interested.

But, a question I've seen asked here and there is....

Is the thermomix good for a big family?

Well, my unequivocal answer is YES. Y.E.S. Uh huh, yep it definitely is.

How do I know this, with my family of 2 adults and 2 young kids? Which I consider a small family, by the way.

Well, I've very recently spent 10 days house/kid/dog wrangling sitting.

Which amounted to a family of 2 young kids (one of whom eats as much as an adult, and it's NOT the 5 year old), a nearly 10 year old and an 11 1/2 year old - girls, a 14 year old boy, myself, and sometimes my husband.

So, as far as the amount of food being consumed, I cooked enough for 5 or 6 adults and one 5 year old.

I would NOT have wanted to be without my thermomix, actually.

I used it for chopping onions (no tears and so fast), making coleslaw (in an instant), making white sauce for lasagne (no standing and stirring for ages), making meat sauce for lasagne, mixing crepes, boiling eggs, cooking rice, making smoothies, grating cheese, making tahini balls (which require everything chopped or ground, sooo fast!), mixing meatballs, making bread dough, making breadcrumbs, making a beef nacho topping, making the spice paste for butter chicken curry, making sorbet.....

and there's probably a few other things I'm forgetting.


I actually used it a lot more than I do at my house, with our 2 adult, 2 kid family.

The fact that I could set it and let it do it's thing was really a lifesaver, as I simultaneously helped the 11 year old with homework, policed 'net and mobile ph usage by the 14 year old, chased down the 9 year old to feed the dogs and dig out her lunchbox, dealt with 2 hungry, over-stimulated youngsters, fielded ph calls from telemarketers and put a healthy, from scratch dinner on the table.

I made each breakfast and dinner from scratch and school lunches were often left-overs from the night before.

So, YES!

Thermomix is GREAT for larger families.

Read this post here written by Jo over at Quirky Cooking
if you want her thoughts on using a thermomix to cook for large groups.


  1. Cat - send me your address and I will post you a copy of the Lunch box and After School Snack book. Thermominx,