Using up those crayon odds and ends

I needed something fun to do with the boys and not too messy for a change, so we dug out the crayon box and got busy. I thought we'd have a go making our own crayons out of all the old, broken and just-not-great crayons, like I talked about here.

For molds, we used my small silicone cupcake molds (that I don't use for cupcakes because I can never get the cupcakes OUT of them) and they worked just fine.

First we peeled the crayons...

Then turned the oven up to 100c/210f and selected the crayons for our molds.
(Please excuse the manky looking tray, I cover it with a silicone sheet when I actually use it for anything food related. I know, gross, aren't I? ;b)

Then into the oven for about 10-15 minutes and bingo:

Once they were out, Mr 2 decided to pop extra crayons in them. Looked kinda cool actually.
And here they are.
Perfect for stacking, it turns out.

They are yet to be actually drawn with, though I did sneak one and try it out hehe. Works perfectly of course.

These are worth trying, especially if you're after something cheap, cleanish and quickish.

We need to get some more crappy crayons now, just so I can feel justified in doing this again.

Easy fun, this one!


  1. You could even make candles that way too, couldn't you? What a lovely idea though and a great way to involve your boys too.

  2. I used to make candles with them when I was a kid. I used clear/white wax though, and added the crayons to colour the wax. Hmmm, that may be something to try with the boys now too.

  3. love this idea... all of our old crayons go in the trash ;(
    Thanks for linking up to FFF! Great to have you!