Non-pumpkiny glass jar Jack-o-lantern (yes late, I know)

This craft was not meant to look like it does, it was meant to look like this... (oops, just noticed that blog has been made invite only, sorry, ignore the link)

which is an Autumn leaf lantern. Although being spring, I was going to try it with the new spring growth leaves, hoping they would have the translucency needed.

However, it looks like this:

which I actually think is rather cool too.

One nasty, Jack-o-lantern type thingy.

This was entirely Mr 5's idea: as I was trying to drag him outside on a leaf hunt, he was dead set on creating his own piece of Halloween.

Seeing as we don't celebrate Halloween AT ALL.

Although I did whip up a batch of cupcakes for pre-school and pipe spider webs onto them.
And made a few of these bats too, just for fun.
But really, we don't celebrate it widely here in Australia, which I'm glad for, just to avoid the candy overload that seems to occur.

However, Mr 5 very much likes the idea of Jack-o-lanterns, whereas I have absolutely NO desire to go round carving evil faces in pumpkins.

So we got the jars ready for our leaves, then he dragged out the crepe paper, got dad to cut out a suitably ugly countenance, glued it on, found a candle, stuck it onto the bottom of the jar, got dad to light it, drew all the curtains and called me to come and see.

Cool, huh?

I might be able to stretch to Jack-o-lanterns every year if we follow this formula.

No icky pumpkin covered hands required.



  1. I'm with you, on the candy. It is a joke as to how much candy is wasted during Special Town Days, and the like. We get so much candy during those types of functions,and the kids never eat it.The streets are lined with candy after parades and such, simply because kids have gotten to lazy to pick it up.Plus, it's too dangerous for kids to be rushing out in a parade to get candy,anyway,for fear of getting run over by a distracted driver.I am a firm believer that that tradition should be stopped in this country.

  2. That is so clever! You can have a jar lantern for all sorts of events (although when you change to red, say, for Father Christmas he might need a slightly friendlier face) :)