More wormies on the way....or...Free nutrition for your garden!

The worm farm I bought a few months back is in full production, I have both trays going and the worms are doing a great job. I get worm juice from it regularly to put on my plants and I've been digging out some of the castings lately to add to plants I'm potting up.

I love the fact that I'm not having to purchase fertiliser (organic or otherwise) and I also LOVE the fact that there is less green foody type waste going out in our bin.

But I haven't been able to put all our fruit and veg scraps in there, solely because we produce a lot more of them than my two trays of worms can get through in a reasonable time.
And, I would like more castings. I have been potting up a lot of plants (all fruit trees are going in pots so I can take them with me when we move, hopefully in the next year or two. The moving deadline has been put waaaaay back.) and have been having to purchase soil to do this. I have added castings to some pots which pads out the soil I've bought, as well as adding more nutrition to the pots. But I would like to increase this.

So, very exciting hehe, I've just taken receipt of these babies today:

Two more trays to add to my worm farm!
I am ridiculously happy that they've arrived (not sure what that says about my place in life, that I'm jumping for joy at two plastic trays) and can't wait to set them up.

And the kids are getting a lot of mileage out of the large cardboard box they came in, so we're all happy.

Wanna see my pets?

I think I promised a picture of all my molding, worm chewed kitchen scraps a while back, so here it is/they are....

You may want to enlarge it to see properly.

Or maybe not.

Those bright stripes are sunlight, and the worms disappear into the muck pretty darn quickly once they're exposed to it. I may have to relocate the whole shebang during the summer, I'm not quite sure how much sun this particular corner gets.

Very cool, huh?

Or is it just me..........


    I came here on a hop but read your story about the worms too. I have always wanted to try a worm farm. LOL @ The kids and the box. That made me laugh!
    Happy Worming!

  2. Great post!! I am blog hopping and found your blog. I'm a new follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!!

  3. Very cool! My worm farm is under a tree to shade it in summer and it still can get a bit dry and hot and worm numbers drop - but they breed up again when it cools down.

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  5. Yuck! Good idea but still kinda gross : )

    I just found your blog through a Monday blog hop! Have a great evening.

    Amanda @

  6. I just started a new worm farm and don't know just yet how to manage it,but it seems to be coming along pretty good.I have always been interested in trying once more since my first try was 30 years ago and failed.Love following others who are raising them.Hopefully, I will gain some knowledge from your experiences.