A new family member on the way...

Baby boy #3 will join our family sometime in August, so please 'scuse the extended hiatus I've been on. Just getting my head space together.

Time to get into all things frugal and baby! Oooh, cloth nappies here I come! The stash does need updating, of course, it's not that I'm addicted to new fluff or anything like that.....


  1. Congratulations!!!! Just take care of yourself and enjoy the spring and summer. Post when you have time.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  2. I loved my clothies when I was using them. Was a little sad to see them go - but not changing nappies has it's benefits too ;)


  3. Congrats! I have three girls myself. Always wondered what it would like to have a little boy. I'll just have to keep reading here to find out.