Baby's butt on a budget

To my mind, baby's don't generally cost much, thankfully.

At least, not in the first few years, especially if you can avoid needing formula.

And using cloth nappies is a must if you're budget minded and, anywhere near calling yourself green.

Speaking of cloth, hehe, I just took receipt of some brand new fluff for our impending arrival! Ahhhh, I was so excited when they arrived, soft and squishy and looking so tiny...

Aren't they delicious?
Only 1 actual small, the other 2 are mediums, excuse the purple, I was being cheap as usual and buying seconds.

Not that I have any issues AT ALL with putting my boys in pink nappies, I have certainly done that in the past and this next lil' fella will inherit his older brother's nappy stash, including the pinks.

Now, cloth nappies can actually be pretty hard on the budget, if you let them.
$38 Aus is a fairly standard price to pay per nappy for some Australian and imported brands.
I know for a fact that my hubby would just about have a heart attack if I spent that much on a nappy and I would probably be too scared to let my kid poop in it at all.

The above nappies I actually bought from a work-at-home-mum in the US.
I found her through a forum, checked out what others have said about her work, applied the coupon code she supplied against my order, negotiated the postage rate and's my fluff.

I'm all for supporting Australian made but the bottom line is still important, and at least this way, I'm still supporting a mum somewhere to stay home with her kids.

And oooh, that blue nappy really is so cute and tiny, are babies butts really that small?!
I think I've forgotten......

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  1. Their butts really are that small! Newborns have no heinies!